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Sharath K. Bhagavatula

Undergraduate Student
Electrical Engineering

Project Web Page:

Electrokinetic Properties of Microfluidic Substrates



282 Grumman Hall
Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853



(607) 215-5525



Sharath Bhagavatula currently works on electrokinetic characterization of hydrophobic surfaces for microfluidic devices. In microfluidic systems, fluid movement is often controlled using electric fields - how the fluid reacts to applied electric fields depends upon the electrokinetic interaction between the substrate and fluid. The goal of Sharath's project is to develop an understanding of this electrokinetic relationship in hydrophobic substrates. The research has specific implications for microfluidic devices used in biomedical analyses and diagnostics.

More specifically, Sharath has helped develop an automated phase-sensitive streaming potential measurement device to determine the electrokinetic properties of a fluid/substrate interface; he currently uses this system to take measurements in hydrophobic systems.


Sharath Bhagavatula joined the Micro/Nanofluidics Laboratory in May, 2006. He is currently a senior in the department of Electrical Engineering at Cornell.

Current Projects

Current projects include the electrokinetic characterization of hydrophobic surfaces such as Topas and Zeonor using the streaming potential measurement technique.

Honors and Awards

- Cornell Engineering Research Showcase Undergraduate Poster Presentation Winner, Fall 2007

- Intel Undergraduate Research Grant, Summer 2007

- Engineering Learning Initiatives Undergraduate Research Grant, College of Engineering, Cornell University, Fall 2006



- B.S. Expected May 2008 ? Cornell University, Electrical Engineering